04 March 2008

Omar Little: Tightest TV Character Ever?


If you don't watch The Wire, start.  Start from the beginning.  Every season starts slowly and builds to something big so please don't give up if you don't get into it right away.  It will be worth it.  I really want Michael Kenneth Williams, who plays the show's best character IMO, to get his own show after this - even if it's on FX.  I nominate Omar Little for tightest TV character.  Other nominees include Jack Bauer, MacGyver, Al Bundy and Cordell Walker.  Discuss.

Spoilers in the comments are discouraged.


Pepper said...

I would add some key candidates:

1. Papa Smurf
2. Dr. Frink
3. Ted Koppel (as self)
4. The General Lee
5. Little Ricky (of I Love Lucy)
6. Music

Pete said...

Are you guys high? It's obviously Walker Texas Ranger.

Matt said...

at least he's on my list, pete.

Pete said...

My reading comprehension lacks tightness.

Bodenner said...


will smith
stephen colbert
doogie howser
mr. wizard
darrell hammond as sean connery