11 March 2008

BREAKING NEWS: Macworld wins 15 Pulitzers, daytime emmy, and beauty competition!!

Macworld keeps trying to get me to renew the free subscription I got when I bought my new computer. Fat chance. Macworld is nothing more than 125 pages of monthly Mac propaganda. Check out some of these headlines and graphics from the new issue:

"OSX 10.5.2 Comes as Welcome News: Leopard update shows that Apple listens to users."

Thanks, Dan Frakes! What a hard-hitting story!

....now you're fired. Didn't Steve Jobs tell you to maintain at least a thin veil of credibility over your bare-faced pandering? Or does he just let you run with it?

"Is the iPod Slipping? Slow growth doesn't tell the whole story."

The iPod? Slipping?! Perhaps there's more here that I can't learn from sales figures alone!

81% of Leopard users are "very satisfied" while only 51% of XP users--and 27% of Vista Home users--are satisfied? What a superior product this must be!

And it's not just pro-Mac drivel. There's also plenty of anti-Microsoft bombs:
"Considering how ugly Office 2008 looks, I will never upgrade. Office 2004 works just fine."
"User Discovers Office 2008 Problems: Microsoft promises fixes for installation issues."

Boy am I glad I have a mac, hillstones! Those guys are Microsoft are a bunch of clowns!

Macworld is as credible as a Chinese newspaper around about 1955..."Survey reports peasants are happier than ever!" Give me a break. Just tell me about the 100 great keyboard shortcuts you figured out and save the other 124 pages for a real magazine. I hear American Gentrifier is looking to expand.


The Becca said...

you could always use scraps of the magazine in PowerSauce bars.

mandy said...

Yeah, screw Macworld. But if you want to learn how to commandeer spaceships with your Mac, go here.