11 March 2008

The Shoe Post Redux

Achtung, untight things: I am super sleuthy today. After some lite web research, it appears that the people responsible for the Performance Running Sandals brought to our attention by Becca, i.e. Bite Shoes, are naturally part of the Croc family o' scary comfort footwear. Behold the proof pudding:

Seriously, though, three separate product lines of Crocs? Market share greedy much?
I should note that the chefs I knew while working as a waitress in my halcyon DC days loved them some Crocs. I should also note that the chefs in question wore naught but black Crocs as part of the standard-yet-goofy chef's ensemble with a strictly functional raison d'etre. With that said, there is nothing I hate more (NOTHING, I SAY) than people who go around making ugly things trendy by setting themselves apart with the comfort thing, thus reinforcing the narrow concept that fashion by its cruel nature always = pain. False! Those people must tighten.

Meanwhile, back on the ranch of superior alternatives:

Witness Camper. Trust the Spanish. As my mother always says, if the shoe you've got in your hand at the store doesn't say Italy or Spain on it, put it down, and walk away.

Auf Wiedersehen, pets.

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mandy said...

Okay, so I like Camper a lot, but until now I'd never been to their website. The flash interface is practically unnavigable, the walking shoe box is weird, those balloons are goofy and unresponsive, and it broke Firefox. Lame.