02 March 2008

Turtle vs. Rabbit

Right now my nephew is flying around the backyard in his Mustang Power wheels. I'm glad that my childhood recollection has held up -- the little death cart still comes in three speeds:

Reverse, turtle, rabbit.

And I'm still livid.

Fischer-Price, what kid EVER has that thing set on turtle? I mean come on, aside for like the half second it takes to shift through the turtle from reverse to rabbit, it is solidly rabbit all the time every time. I'm frankly starting to question whether you guys are still even interested in creating a totally tubular experience for 4-year-olds.

Ok, when you guys get your heads out your asses here's one for free: on the next Ultimate Terrain Traction SUV let's make the speeds


mandy said...

Alex (<-- nephew) needs to get in touch with this guy and pimp his Power Wheels.

Pete said...

bwahhaha. Sinister death bunny on kids toy is awesome.

Pepper said...

holy shit you're right! I'm putting some of these on the shifter of my car!