12 March 2008

Another SkyMall Tighten Up...

Here is another product I found in SkyMall that needs to tighten up. Read the line that says "The last generator you'll ever need!". This is hilarious and very Simpsons-esque. I can see the informercial now... (Star Wipe)
"Are you tired of all your old generators taking up valuable room in your house? Do you have over 20 generators and none of them work right? Do you live in every day fear that terrorists are going to set fire to the nearest city (which is probably Birmingham Alabama at 2.5 hours away) leaving your family without power? Well, throw out all of those old generators because this is the LAST ONE YOU WILL EVER NEED!!!!!!" Pans to audience of crazies clapping wildly. My dad says "I'LL TAKE 20!"


Pepper said...

i really need this generator!

Stuart said...

I agree with Pepper, since no one in the history of time has ever lived without power, why should we?
I will take 20!