13 March 2008

Spring Millinery Decidedly Unfashionable

Dear Matthews' Sons,

Despite best efforts, your Spring Millinery is unfashionable. I have a feeling that your Spring Fancies, Novelties, and Women's Suits are equally outmoded. Please to tighten and give the ladies what they want.


The Becca said...

wow Pep.
No comments.

Pepper said...

so let's get this straight: that's a pity comment?

i think that hilarious old-timey advertisements passed off as modern ones are pretty hilarious. millinery? fancies? this is gold!

The Becca said...

your use of "fancies" multiple times in a public sphere makes me uncomfortable. I'm leaving it at that.

Bone donor said...

[insert TUR card here] the TUR should be about the thrill of the tighten, not about receiving congratulatory comments.

that being said, i congratulate you on a fantastic find and accompanying TU, pepper. nicely done.

Pepper said...

ahem. Thank you, Mr. Donor.