26 March 2008

A moment of self reflection

So every now and then I stop by StatCounter.com to check out how the 'ol TUR is doing. Recently I stopped by and witnessed the following (emphasis added):

It really bothered me that we are not getting any visitors from the future. But then it struck me -- who am I to cast blame when it is clearly apparent then even future Flagil_Reinhumps refuses to stop by the site AT ANY MOMENT IN THE FUTURE (post time machine invention, of course)? Come on future me, tighten the fuck up. I mean sure, you get the time machine you might want to first smooch a dinosaur, strangle baby Hitler, then provide former self a sports almanac listing statistics through the year 2000 which leads directly to a post apocalyptic slum world, WITH HOVERBOARDS, so definitely worth it, in that order. But please, after counting my future billions, doing this that and the other thing, how about one lazy stroll back in time to pump up our statcounter? One super easy little 5 minute jaunt?

But I guess I already have my answer to those meager questions. I am so disappointed in you future Flagil. As futile as it may be, I'll say it again, tighten up, dear future crappy me. Tighten up!


Pepper said...

Flag, you've made an important point here, and I hope we all take note. With the advent of the flux capacitor and the relative ease of acquiring plutonium from Libyan terrorists, it's easier than ever to marshal 1.21 gigawatts.

So seriously everybody, take a break from the Enchantment Under the Sea dance, forget about Biff, slam a Tab, and let's invent rock and roll. I mean pump up the future visits.

Pete said...

Wouldn't that be a past visit? Or are we in the past now? Or... time travel has always confused me.

Stuart said...

Pepper- I just read your comment and then I went out to go to class on my skateboard. Wouldn't you know there was a pick up truck right there for me to catch on to. And the shuffle on my iPod was playing The Power of Love.

Pepper said...

Stu, you are living a charmed life.

"We're called the Pinheads."
"I'm sorry, you're just too loud."

Anonymous said...

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mandy said...

That's a six pack of shit spam, "barb michelen".