08 March 2008

Buy a stamp, kill a tree, choke a seagull

I don't attend Earth Day festivities, I hate patchouli, and hell I won't even drink orange juice with pulp but my inner hippy (see: small green patch hidden in cold black heart) will come right out and say it: USPS - tighten up! I mean, really...one sheet of twenty stamps requires a four-color printed piece of cardboard over twice the size of the sheet itself?

But no, that's not all. I'd like my eco-destruction super-sized and make it a combo! Or in USPS terms: wrap the dead tree in plastic. Shall we review? Waste for 20 sensible stamps:

One piece of full-color printed cardboard.

One plastic sheath.

One piece of wax-type paper (from which stamps were removed).

Wonder why postage prices keep increasing? Now I understand why my dogs want to kill the mailman. It's just Mother Nature kicking some inefficient ass.

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