20 March 2008

And then it was tight

Since moving to New York City less than two years ago, I've relied on New York Magazine's confusing online sprawl for everything from shoeing myself like une parisienne à l'étranger (French Sole, 985 Lexington) to ordering Sunday brunch delivery in a barely audible, post-martini hiss (Kitchenette Uptown, 1272 Amsterdam). But it was sometime around Fashion Week last fall, as I wasted time navigating their clunky web bog of commentary and slideshows, that I took matters into my own hands and demanded (i.e. wrote a polite comment suggesting) that something be done about the untightness of online content organization.

Behold the re-designed homepage:

Function --> form. My touch --> golden. Sense of self --> overinflated. This post --> over.


Pepper said...

you should write them again and [politely] request a byline right under the Y of York:

Webdesign by Minna.

Pete said...

The wrenchmen strike again!