08 March 2008

Arg...You're Killing Me Here Texas

Yes, I know, the TUR has resorted to some good 'ol Texas bashing in the past, but Texas, this is starting to get serious. I'm getting fed up with your ass dragging when it comes to reporting caucus results.

I tried to be reasonable. I gave you until Wednesday evening to use that new fangled who-zee-what's-it...the "Speakee Telegraph" just installed at your local General Store and Trail Supply to tell me how the mother f-ing caucus vote went down in your district. (hint- forgo the extra foodstuffs -- hunt, hunt, hunt)

I just did my daily caucus check at nytimes.com. The vote continues to be frozen at 41%.

This is kind of a big deal -- if this difference holds up, Obama will win Texas.

I think the rest of America agrees: put the pulled pork sandwich down for like 5 seconds and report me some sweet sweet caucus goodness.

1 comment:

Pepper said...

bwaaargh this is driving me crazy too! i guess the mule that they have turning the wheel in the vote-o-matic 250 collapsed or something.