30 March 2008

Tim Gunn: Tighten up your fashion, American slobs

In his sage advice for ballin' on a budget, Tim Gunn puts a little boot to some American backside. With 43 ticks left in the video clip, Timmy calls Americans out for being a nation of slobs, chastising those who choose comfort as their fashion guide. Although I rejoiced at the uppercut to dishevelment everywhere, my inner slob cried out at the blow. Look Tim, I like to wear sweatpants with a bowtie, is that a crime? So what if my Crocs clash with my sportcoat; who can really match Glen Plaid to Crocs' iridescent hues, anyway? My usual fashion choices aside, thanks for the wake up call, Tim Gunn. Next time, I think I'll check myself before I go out in a hoodie and top hat.


The Becca said...

hahahah hoodie and top hat.

Pepper said...

i'm pretty sure he's on tranquilizers here.