16 October 2007

Americans, compared to Japanese, are lame.

Tightest ninja. Ever.


Matthew said...

Holy Ficus Tree this guy is amazing!

Fellow t-upers, take ten minutes to procrastinate during your work day to research this clip. It is long, but a ridiculous feat of strength, mental cunning, and Japaneseness.

The Becca said...

ninja gladiators are way cooler than american gladiators. Blaze just got served.

Bodenner said...

meh. nothing a good PNW rock climber couldn't do.

Pete said...

By the way, if you have not seen Ninja Warrior, the show this clip is from, it is AMAZING. Chris, without coming down too hard on you, that was the single dumbest thing you've ever said. I watched an episode with Olympic Gold Medalist Paul Hamm, and he didn't even get past the first round. I could confidently say that the Ninja Warrior courses are the most difficult physical activities a person can engage in, except for BUD/S.

Bodenner said...

seriously, what am i missing here? granted, the dude has impressive upper-body strength to body weight ratio. but nothing that many good rock climbers couldn't do.

the one truly bad-ass thing he can do is shuffle between two wedged surface areas. but how does that make him an all-around, death-defying, fear-inducing ninja of the night?

i haven't seen Ninja Warrior, but i'm sure it's amazing. i'm just not particularly impressed with that montage.

i can do 25 wide-gripped pull-ups, and have been able to climb two ropes at once since i was in 6th grade; does that make me even a novice of a ninja? hell no; i'd crap my pajamas if i ever had to leap from buildings or face a deadly foe.

i still stand by my french ninja.

Ralph Bodenner said...

Paul Hamm probably got paid big to lose. Half of the competitors on Sasuke are there for comedic value, and foreigners are way more hilarious to a Japanese audience. Every see the 50-something-year-old dude, or the guy who took off his pants at the start and then tripped over them?

I see guys (and girls) do climbing tricks like the no-feet hand traverse all the time.

BUD/S, Ranger school, Grade 5 Alaska climbing etc. are all way harder. It's never raining or snowing on Sasuke. You don't get to spray tacky stuff on your hands between one-rope river crossings at night in Ranger school. Ask my Dad.

I love that show, but it ain't as tight as this: http://www.mountaineers.org/nwmj/07/071_Pickets.html

Bodenner said...

true; my dad did some tight shit. i'm pretty loose by comparison.