25 October 2007

Enough with the children already!

Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) said the word children 45 times in her speech about the State Children's Health Insurance Program.
Did your speech writer take the day off? For the love of baby jesus ... the word is in the BILL... we.get.it.

Here's a sample paragraph:
" In my case, grandchildren. My children are grown. So it's not a question of that. But you who have children, god bless you, i'm jealous, you have children at home, you have health insurance for your children. The children we are trying to give this health insurance don't. They can't afford it. And by the way, over 90% of them make one-fifth of what a member of congress makes, one fifth of what a member of congress makes. So we're talking about people who are playing by the rules who are trying to get up to the middle class or sustain themselves into the middle class, we are talking about a deeply held value, an ethic that to be a great nation, we have to take care of the health of our children."

Your approval ratings are -25 % ... no bills are passing ... at least tighten up your oratory skills and set a good example... for the children.


Bodenner said...

is it too late to abort nancy pelosi?

Matthew said...

I just wish Pelosi would have picked her battles better early on. Then we might have some sort of chance of impeaching the motherfuckers in the wh already.

Pete said...

I watched Alexandra Pelosi's doc "Friends of God: A Roadtrip with Alexandra Pelosi" last night and perhaps Nancy should revisit not giving healthcare to her childen, as Alexandra could use some counseling. Hey Alex, driving around the south and telling people about how you do things in New York City is not the best way to illicit balanced responses. Just a hint.