03 October 2007

Helsinki's got it goin' on.

HEL LOOKS is the most amazing fashion exhibition I've ever seen. On the Internets, anyway. Some of you other TU'ers are a bit more tuned-in with the fashion world than myself, but I bet we can all agree that these Helsinkians deserve a round of applause for their amazing sense of style. From weird to sheik, demure to punk-rock, these images are nothing less than inspiring. I haven't yet made it through the entire gallery, but here are some of my favorites:
I like second hand and unconventional combinations like high-waisted shorts with romantic, delicate shirts.

It's by accident that we are colour coordinated tonight!

My look today: a 50's NASA scientist on a summer holiday.

I think socks can tell so much about your personality!

I guess my style is a bit messy and slatternly.

He-Man, Pasolini and Wu-Tang Klan give me inspiration, too. Michel Foucault is my style idol. I like his aggressively intelligent and academic style.

Tonight's theme is Pony Boy.

At the moment I like grey, black and blue.

Summer is crazy!

Thanks for keepin' it tight, Helsinki.

1 comment:

Pepper said...

Incredible. Extremely tight. I'll not be tucking my pants into my socks anytime soon, but by good I like their moxy.