04 October 2007

Papyrus font also fails in neon.

Walked by this place, Prey, today in midtown. They reinforce the neon Papyrus font with a brown-on-brown scheme on their miserable website.

Quoth Preynyc.com:

"Prey prides itself on great service and its true multidimensional aspect that few places in NYC share. Prey's main room houses a 40 foot long bar whereby making PREY a premier Happy Hour Spot Mon-Friday."

Multidimensional aspect? Whereby making? Easy there, Chaucer--work on the font, then we can talk conjunctions...and that's to say nothing of the name...


The Becca said...

That was hilarious.

Pete said...

I'm sad to have to admit that I once attended a birthday party here. Quite possible the most B&T crowd ever. It was aweful.