16 October 2007

Enough. With. The. Signs.

These images are from 7100/the Fairfax County Parkway in Virginia last weekend. I'm not certain, but I'm pretty sure this kind of highway advertising is illegal, and for obvious reasons. It looks like shit. Ladybird Johnson is rolling over in her grave [she was a central figure in the highway beautification movement in the 1960s].

I only regret I can't attend town-hall meetings in Virginia to call these idiots out on their wasteful self-importance.

In case you're interested, the tighten-up contacts for several campaigns are:

Pat Herrity for Springfield Supervisor, Mike: mike@patherrity.org

Ray Morrogh for Commonwealth's Attorney, Ray: ray@raymorrogh.com

Tina Hone for School Board At-Large (www.tina4kids.com) -- hey Tina, glad you're for the kids., tina4kids@gmail.com

Janet Oleszek for State Senate, Jonathan: jonathan@janetforfairfax.com

Ken Cuccinelli, incumbent State Senator, (703) 293-9001

Chris Braunlich for School Board At-Large, Chris: c.braunlich@att.net

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