02 October 2007

You don't get to rewrite history Bush

Ok, so I was going to write about how NYPD cops have no idea about what exactly, constitutes a switchblade, but I gots bigger beef on my plate.

Our beloved commander in chief is obsessed with his legacy. He is a "spectacular failure" in feasibly every respect, and so what do failing presidents spend the rest of the second half doing during the lamest lame duck presidency in my short time on this planet, or anyones for that matter?

They finally consult with people. Like academics, and people that are finally having the courage to tell him what they don't want to hear. Like America can no longer buy her image. Like we are running out of oil. Like gay rights is civil rights. Like Iraq will be not an Eden of democracy when we are finished there. etc. etc.

But another function of some of these meetings is to vet historians that are sympathetic to their cause and thus more favorable to their point of view of how big a fucking disaster Iraq has actually been. Fuck that. We are now in an age where technology enables real time history of current events, or past (witness brilliant Chuckee Cheese post). Blogs, etc. are the histories of Bush Rove Cheney co., so it is actually valid to write about how pissed off you get at these guys. I digress. Here is a picture of my mother. She is a librarian at a school where all the kids get free lunches, bless her heart, giving a speech at the White House through a pig puppet named Wilbur, because the kids love him. Go on with yo badselves, mom and wilbur.


mandy said...

Your mom and Wilbur are awesome.

Matthew said...

thanks Mandy! That's some pig!