02 October 2007

Dear Papyrus Font,

It's time to bow out. It's too late to do so gracefully, and I'm sure you'll disappoint some Irish pub owners, homemade-greeting-card-making mothers, and highschool science fair students, but they're happy-go-lucky folks and can handle it.

At some point or another, we all fell prey to your vaguely mysterious angles, irregular serifs, and simulated brushstrokes, but let's be honest here: who's still wearing slap bracelets, fannypacks, and pump sneakers? Exactly.

Microsoft fontdustrial complex, tighten up.

PS A nod to www.iheartpapyrus.com for getting it together, and putting it on a t-shirt.


The Becca said...

HILARIOUS. But the link doesn't work. Better tighten that up buddy.

mandy said...

Can we add Comic Sans to this petition?

Pepper said...

I wish you would.