15 October 2007

Pelosi's resolve

The Democratic leadership (an oxymoron of late) is threatening to introduce a House resolution that would attach a "genocide" label to the mass killings of Armenians by the Ottoman Turks during WWI. Under normal circumstances, this seems fine and dandy, since a historical consensus centers on that characterization.

However, at the moment, that move would be a diplomatic disaster. Rightly or wrongly, the Turkish government, a tentative U.S. ally, is vehemently opposed to the resolution. The Turks have already recalled its ambassador from Washington. One of their top generals has warned that Turkey’s military relationship with the U.S. “will never be the same again." And, most ominously, the resolution could dissolve the restraint the Turkish military has in attacking Kurdish separatists in northern Iraq.

Hey, Pelosi: make like your face and tighten up. Bush has already done a fine job of destabilizing the Middle East and alienating moderate Muslims around the world. He doesn't need the help.

The following is an exchange yesterday between Fox News anchor Brit Hume and House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer...

HUME: But why is it a good idea to say it now? ... I mean, do you think it's an urgent issue, something that happened between Turks and Armenians in World War I?

HOYER: Brit, do I think it's an urgent issue? I think the issue of genocide is a very urgent and present issue. It's happening in Darfur now. It happened in Bosnia not too long ago. And the world sat by and watched. ... It is about a historical event that happened that we need to remember to preclude its happening again.

A future scene in western Sudan...


JANJAWEED MILITANT #2: One second, Ibrahim, I'm almost done raping this defenseless villager, whose children are burning alive in that hut over there.

JM #1: We must leave, Abdel, right away! The Americans just passed a non-binding resolution condemning the Armenian genocide of 1915!

JM #2: PELOSIIIIII!!!... Come Ibrahim, we must make haste!


Pete said...

I would totally do Pelosi.

The Becca said...

Make like your face and tighten up.

Brenda Starr said...

I'm glad the war in Iraq ia over, social security is saved and everyone has heathcare.

Bodenner said...

becca: make like your face and get ugly. like your face. which is ugly.

Pepper said...

amazing. the comments are getting as good as the posts.

Anonymous said...

Bones, wanna go camping?