23 October 2007

More logo tightening

We all know that the terrorists need to tighten up their logos, but how are we doing?

Based on the looks of the CIA's new "Terrorist Buster" logo,
not so good.

Who are we supposed to be fighting an existential war with, Islamic terrorists or cartoon villains from the Eighties?





Jordan said...

the tragedy is they combined three awesome things and made something crappy. is it any wonder we're losing this war?

J.J. said...

We probably should try blasting the terrorists with ectoplasm. (How do you say "I've been slimed" in Arabic?)

self-appointed tightenup ombudsperson said...

Not only did they create something crappy, but the mean old terrorist there actually looks kinda cuddly. Will he be in the stores for Christmas? And how come your mostly loyal readers always see posts from the same contributors (don't get us wrong, these more prolific contributors are generally very tight) -- but that long list of contributors needs tightened -- or, more appropriately, the purported contributors themselves need tightened...where's Lex? Fievel? Chipped nail polish? Donald Rump? And so forth? More tighten up report, not less. We're talking updates on par with cnn.com (more posts per hour than any other such-and-such!).

Anonymous said...

I am so glad to see this post, Chris...I was getting worried that nobody was going to bring it up! And your visual mathematical equation is oh so tight. CIA clip art? Not so much.

Pete said...

This post really makes me want to be Cobra Commander for Halloween..

Pepper said...

self-appointed ombudsperson, i agree with your candid assessment. we are considering application to several foundation donors to support a full-time tightness sentinel.

Orville said...


That would roughly translate to:

رمى الحمأ عليَّ