21 October 2007

Trader Joe's...I question your taste.

First let me say, I love Halloween and all the tacky decorations that go along with it - fake spider webs, witches hats on Georgetown street lamps, pumpkin carvings, hell - even morbidly obese scene sweater-clad soccer moms ... Love.It.
But Trader Joe's Gtown has crossed the line.
Yesterday, I'm walking up from the garage and what is adorning the steps up to my favorite organic grocery store?


Little shadow decals of rodents running up and down the steps of a place where people buy food.

Now, I understand they matched the bats hanging from the
ceiling ... but I have never had bats in my house.
The thought of them near my organic maple and pecan granola is not as appalling as their four-legged earth bound brethren.

Rats and mice are not Halloween decorations. They are gross. Poor choice Trader Joe's. Stick to pumpkins.

- Brenda Starr


mandy said...

Ha ha h aha, totally. This reminds me of when one of my favorite restaurants thought it a good idea to make flyers with skulls and crossbones to let patrons know not to park next door or they would be towed. Nothing like symbolic poison-imagery to work up the ol' appetite.

Orville said...

I've got to tell you, the picture on this post is clutch

The Becca said...

Best Picture... Ever?

Pete said...

It really boggles the mind sometimes how freakin stupid people can be.