01 October 2007

Jihadists need some serious work on their logos

Luckily, two Western graphic designers are on hand to offer some
pro bono tightening.

"I know those are supposed to be criss-crossed swords. But every time I look at them I think they look like criss-crossed fish."


Pete said...

I love commentators in the link. I trust they are trying to be funny, because their witticisms are laughably ignorant. It was pure comedy when "Ellen" can spot the silhouette of Israel but seems to get confused by the blackened Kalashnikov, one of the most recognizable symbols of terror, resistance, and oppression in the world. “It looks like a man sitting in a chair.” Nice…

Orville said...


I'll second the motion that the Jihadists need to tighten up their logos, but please note that five of the eight logos on the linked site are not jihadist organizations at all. The logo on the post here, for example, is that of an Asomite (they don't like be to called Indian) separatist organization with no ties to radical Islam.

Yours in tightness,
The Pigdicker

Pepper said...

I think they look more like crossed letter openers, or maybe zucchini.

Bodenner said...

orville: since i'm still way behind on the two books you lent me, i rely upon you to tighten up my facile knowledge of global terrorism; thanks.