30 October 2007

Light Graffiti

This light is tight. Found this image here; original gallery plus video here. (The video is spectacular! Watch it!)

(In fact, LICHTFAKTOR's entire portfolio is amazing.)


Matt said...

holy crap. that video is insane. i was really hoping it was an instructional video but oh well.

Pepper said...

amazing. very interesting to watch the ghost figures behind the light to see how they were moving. I guess these exposures are around 15-20 seconds each?

Pete said...

I wonder if the same firm did Sprint's new light drawing ads...


mandy said...

Good eye, Pete; that's a great ad campaign, but I don't think it's this guy because he doesn't post any images on his Flickr site or say anything about it on his webpage (which redirects to MySpace).

Orville said...

It reminds me of Picasso's light pen drawings


mandy said...

I sent LICHTFAKTOR a note, mentioning this post and how we were debating the Sprint business, and here is the reply:

hi ,
thanks for sending us the links.
we haven't done this sprint videos.
but we go to new york this nov. and shoot some pictures and a video for sprint.

love and respect


Nice. And I think this answers your question, Pepper.