17 October 2007

The art of the RSVP

A pet peeve: People who RSVP to events by saying, "This is my RSVP," or, "I am RSVPing," and leave their response at that, nothing more, drive me insane.

RSVP means, "répondez s'il vous plaît," i.e., "please respond." When you say, "I am RSVPing," or, "This is my RSVP," you have technically responded but neither in the affirmative nor in the negative. Tighten up. Are you attending or not? Give me a yes or a no. When you don't answer an invitation clearly, I want to CYTD.


Bodenner said...

for the record, "Yes" was the subject line to my RSVP, followed by a brief but gracious thank-you reply.

i am so fucking tight.

Orville said...

Bodenender, you chose wisely

The Becca said...

The tag on this is hilarious

mandy said...

(With Becca:) Totally. I love how my brain went "CYTD? . . ." then my eye panned over the tag. That was tight.