12 October 2007

Seriously, New York Times?

I'd like to draw your attention to the caption beneath the picture above, a screenshot from the front page of nytimes.com. The second of what appear to be representative comments is "Junk science prevails, and the Pope of junk science is rewarded." I have a question for you, New York Times. Out of the 499 comments you had to choose from, why did you pick the one written by an Exxon executive's secretary?

Congratulations to Mr. Gore and the UN Panel.


takeyourhandsoffmycrapporfavor said...

The joke making the rounds is that the Supreme Court is about to announce that George W. Bush, not Al Gore, actually won the Nobel Peace Prize, following a partial recount by Stockholm-vacationing Katherine Harris.

The Becca said...

Tipper's looking fab!