19 February 2008

Becca's Self Tighten Up for the Month

I'm taking anonymous' comment on TUR's 1 year anniversary to heart. So here it goes.

As some of you know, Pepper and I got engaged on Christmas. Frankly, the kid must be crazy to hitch himself to the "ole ball and chain", but I'm never one to turn down diamonds. Ok, let's be honest, I wouldn't even turn down a Cheesy Gordita Crunch if it was handed to me. Anyway, we got the ring resized once already, but it still doesn't fit. It's a little big, so I've wrapped a band aid around it for the time being. That was going on 2 months ago. The bandaid gets all gross and unravels. It's also deplorable that this family heirloom is wiggling around my finger. So, in conclusion, I need to tighten up and get this puppy fitting properly.


Pepper said...

it's very nice of you to own up, darling. meantime, i think the band-aid is pretty awesome.

also, why can't the iPhone take a decent macro photo? tighten up, apple.

The Becca said...

I don't know. That one took forever to take!

The Becca said...

The camera probably doesn't have enough pickles or something.