29 February 2008

SuperTight Pit Crews needed for Tow Truck Operation

I was on the way to class the other day, driving because I am lazy (tighten up, Stuie) and I came across a tow truck and a po po jeep blocking the street. I was first in the Stop line, so I did some surveying of the scene to find that the large red tow-truck was hooking up to a poor subaru. My best guess (not a permit zone) is that it was being towed because the back bumper was one millimeter past where the sidewalk dips flush with the street for a driveway. The tow-truck guy was a nice large man and took his sweet time getting in and out of the truck to maneuver the hitch under the car in question. It took like 10 minutes. 10 minutes that neither I, nor the other people in line had to spare.

While I was sitting there pissed thinking about the poor person coming back to find no car.... I noticed something strange about this Police Jeep.... The driver's seat and steering wheel were on the Right. After one or two WTF's it came to my attention that the sole purpose of this car/ driver was to seek out curb/permit violators.

Tighten Up, Go Fight Real Crime, or parking violations where it really matters.

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Pepper said...

Subarus seem to attract parking tickets.


"one or two WTFs later"...awesome