06 February 2008

Mitt Romney Does NOT Record Funny Names

Let's say, hypothetically, that you wanted to use the Mitt Romney for President webpage to send Robocalls to your friends. Well it's hypothetically possible that your friend Mike might get one from his husband Beatrice about family values, hypothetically speaking that is. But your friends with funny names like Rafael (or Raphael), Miles, Lucy, Juan, Ahmad (or Ahmed), or Muhammad (incidentally, the most common given name on the planet) aren't getting one God-forsaken minute of Mitt Romney's time, no sir.

You're telling me that a guy named Mitt with a son named Tagg can't record some more names? Are you serious? Mittens, tighten up.


mandy said...

ha ha ha, My friend sent a Mitt-call to me, and even though he typed in "Mandy" the Mitt recording said "Amanda".

Matthew said...

remember when you could get the snakes on a plane call?

that was a great time.

Pepper said...

I made Mitt call my parents. My dad saw my number in the caller ID, picked up and immediately said "I was just getting ready to call you"; he immediately handed the phone to my mother, who listened for a moment, and hung up.

Poor form, Mitt.

Pepper said...

And no, he had not recorded "Pepper".

mandy said...

Matthew: we made Samuel L. Jackson call my boss. I think I cried from laughing so hard.