27 February 2008

Diva du Jour: Josh "Journalistic Integrity" Green from The Atlantic

An associate of mine just sent over Sr. Editor of The Atlantic Josh Green's profile from a database she uses at her company.

Read on:
"I do not accept or want any PR material," says Green, "I hate being contacted by publicists and will go out of my way to write damaging negative things about any company that contacts me unsolicited."

Go out of your way to write damaging, negative things about a company for pitching you? DIVA ALERT!
The Atlantic must be so proud that Josh writes hit pieces on companies that contact him. Tighten Up Josh. Life's too short!


Jeremy S said...

I have worked with Princess Joshua before and she sure is flappy. Untite.

Pete said...

Self-important tool alert!

Bodenner said...

coincidentally, i've also worked with josh, and he's actually the most down-to-earth editor at the atlantic.

some perspective that may account for the tone of his database profile: he was one of the original members of the onion. the satirical magazine.