27 February 2008

Loose lips sink ships

Earthquake rocks large parts of Britain

Tighten up, Earth.


Pete said...

Overheard during the British earthquake...(must be read in best brit accent)

"My sillynanny seems to be all ashake Martha"

"Oh hogswallow, I shook more than this when Thatcher was elected. Imagine. A woman PM!"

"Good God, it's those damnable Huguenots again!"

"I say, at least this isn't happening to the Frogs...they would surrender!"

“All this twitter has got me a stonker! How about some how’s your father?”

“This is hardly tickety-boo.”

Please contribute your made up overheards below.
For translations see http://www.effingpot.com/slang.shtml

Pepper said...


"I say, Cyril, this isn't a result of that Welsh rarebit from last night, is it?"

Minna said...

I'll beg you to take your low-brow humor out with the rubbish where it bloody well belongs. Welsh rarebit, indeed. I'd sooner eat my tongue than pollute my plate with that commonwealth backwater.