12 February 2008

Tate is Tight - Alright!

Not all is loosey-goosey in the art world, however. The Tate Modern in London did this pretty tight thing where they invited a few musicians of the hip persuasion to come and get inspired by The Art and write The Music to go with The Art. Myself, I like the Long Blondes take on a bleak urban industrial existence (go figure) by Jannis Kounellis. If you listen to this song, wait until the chorus, it's a thrill.


Pepper said...

they lyrics to this song are hilarious. it's s string of the bleakest statements you can imagine, punctuated by fragments about architectural movements. ...the chorus should be 5x as long!

Minna said...

i know, i'm going to post a comment on their myspace...well, probably not. but maybe i will, though.