29 February 2008

Woke Up on the Wrong Side of Tight

Not feeling so tight this morning. You know why?
Because Pepco is "connected to me by more than just power lines" as they like to say. My lights are filled with untightness, my alarm rang a very untight ring this morning, and I'm currently filling my beloved blackberry with untight juices.

I'll explain:

5.00 PM & 34 degrees: TR arrives home to find that his home has no electricity.

5.05PM - 7.00PM & 33 degrees: TR and Sheniqua Bonita Pepco argue about billing information. TR is told that he is "negligence." TR explains that he cannot be "negligence," has the ability to be 'negligent' but believes the disconnect to be a mistake.

7.01 PM: Ding! Sheniqua falls silent,realizing that TR or 'negligence' as she likes to call him has indeed been disconnected by mistake. "Can you hold?"

7.08 PM: "This is supervisor Bob Whiteman. How may I help you Mr. Ruxtable?" Reply is NSFW. "Seems we've made a mistake, Mr. Ruxtable." Reply is NSFW. "We're sending a technician." Reply is NSFW + "bye."

7.20 PM & 32 degrees: TR uses Pottery Barn tealights to find keys; meets friend for drinks.

12.30 AM: TR returns to dark house with interior temperature of 47 degrees. Calls 'emergency life-threatening line.' Holds for over an hour until BB kicks it.

1.34AM: Coincidentally, as TR plans attack on Pepco, friendly technician appears at front door; apologizes for company's untightness.

7:34 AM: Dead tropical fish, angry dogs. TR craves revenge. Takes out small percentage of frustration by blogging.

In short, tighten the %$*# up Pepco!!!!!



The Becca said...

Negligence could be a great halloween costume idea.

Matt said...

is a 'misake' a drunken, Japanese mistake?

Teddy Ruxtable said...

Fixed Senor Spelling Bee. Gracias.

Bodenner said...

Negligence could be a great american gladiator character.

The Becca said...

Teddy, your picture is hilarious.

Pepper said...

are they going to replace your fish??

Teddy Ruxtable said...

They better at least send me some seaweed and sticky rice. Waste not, want not.