09 February 2008

Dear Avery Architectural Library,

I pay $17,000 per second for tuition at this school. Buy a decent goddamned couch for me to sit on when I'm reading books that I'm not allowed to remove from the library. These old girls have had the stuffing knocked out of them. Overstock.com has some beautiful sectionals that would do just fine.

Check out these deals (!!):

Chocolate Brown Leather Sectional, $3,049:Brown Leather Sectional, $2,299:
Hell, I'd even be pleased with this Curved Arm Sable Paisley Rocker for just $229:
Just tighten up and fix it. I'm pretty sure you owe me.


Orville said...

Your library has a reading room for you guys! Try lugging multi-volume Islamic Studies tomes between three floors of a poorly lit, damp library.

Pepper said...

I'm just sayin': sit on one of these couches and you'll crack a rib. I bet you'll get rickets or black lung; either way, libraries need tightening.