06 February 2008

The Incredible Tightness of Being Marc Jacobs

Ultra-trendy? Yes. God-like? Also yes. See, I'm like 98 percent atheist (the other 2 percent is reserved for various solstices) so when I drop the G-bomb, I'm referring to Jacobs's curious omnipotence when it comes to things like, oooh, say, being able to stop time. Everyone else is like "Eh. 80s New Wave slouchy chic? Been to American Apparel, done that." But Marc Jacobs, whose "diffusion line" Marc by Marc Jacobs came out yesterday at NY Fashion Week, could care less what you think. Instead, he makes his hands into fists, rest them on his trim little hips, cocks one eyebrow and goes, "Not so fast, pets. You WILL NOT toss your leggings and you WILL continue your casual flirtation with neon, no matter how much you feel like you're being conscripted into Sienna Miller's clone army." So even though I myself don't love the 80s, and deem the Jacobian dedication them a rather bland, untight move, it still must be tight to BE Marc Jacobs where you get to style a show with an aesthetic that everyone else has already seen like 1 x 1000^n times and yet the world still coos "Omg cuuuuute!" You can see the whole show here (you too, men), and frankly the individual pieces are adorable (Marc is a mod at heart, bless my soul, and knows how to do a shift dress). So as Nylon Magazine readers everywhere take a collective sigh of relief, I'm waiting for the main show (scheduled for the end of Fashion Week) to evaluate my spiritual relationship with the church of Marc. Hail houndstooth.

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Pepper said...

All hail houndstooth.