26 February 2008

Dude, You're Getting a... Piece of Crap!

My work computer is a Dell Inspiron 1501 and sucks donkey balls. It is set up to "run" Windows XP, which is not as bad of an OS as Justin Long would have you believe, but the computer is incapable on many levels of functioning properly. As a matter of fact, I am writing this right now because I am unable to get any actual work done as my Outlook is totally pissed at me. Now, I am usually the first one to point the "user error" finger at anyone claiming to have technology problems, but, in this case, I believe I am innocent.
Allow me to explain. A large part of my job entails the sending of files as attachments to various people over the Internet. For some reason, my computer refuses to send attachments larger than say one Word document and when I try to send the attachment, my Outlook freaks out and tries to send the email over and over, which of course binds up my bandwidth and processor to the point that my entire system stop functioning and I am forced to restart to stop the meltdown. I realize, of course, that there are size limitations to sending attachment and I always check to ensure that I am under the limit. I have tried various things to correct the problem, but to no avail.
I would happily take suggestions from the readers, but at this point, I would rather just take a hammer and smash this piece of untaught shite square in the motherboard!
Anyway... Dell you suck. Tighten up!
Thank you for your time.


mandy said...

Niiiiiice pic. What a tool.

Outlook is your problem. If you have to be tethered to Windoze, try Thunderbird. It's what we use at work and I send giant attachments all day long, mostly without a hitch. But heck, GMail can handle large attachments and they offer accounts to entire businesses.

Also, what's going on with that center alignment??

Minna said...

I want to see an epic film depicting a battle between a thunderbird and a firefox. Michael Bay can direct. It will be AWESOME.

Pepper said...

godzilla would be there, and he'd totally explode

mandy said...

I miss you more than Michael Bay missed the mark, when he made Pearl Harbor.

This song is so perfect for TUR in so many ways, even if it praises Cuba Gooding (and, you can learn French while watching).

Bodenner said...

tighten up that center alignment, pete; it looks like a penis.

or is that some kind of subliminal, homoerotic extension of ben's photo?

(i always knew you were gay)

Bodenner said...

(btw, i totally shared a pot of coffee with ben curtis in amsterdam once...i guess that makes me more gay than pete.)