11 February 2008

They should stick to chocolate

Oops. The Swiss lost some more art. They lost some Picassos from an art museum in Zurich and then some Cezanne and Degas and van Gogh and Monet from a private art foundation (whatever the hell that is) and now they're plain stumped. [Fake quote alert] "But eet eez so slippery, ze art!" said some directorial so-and-so before being told that it was actually a heist, the art was stolen from under his fine Roman nose and that he should now be embarrassed. "Zut alors! Quel mystere! If only our country had MORE experiahnce with securing hugely valuable riches! Then we could stop losing ze art! It will be fantastique!" Then he was told that in 2001 Swiss banks managed (and presumably managed not to lose) $2.6 trillion dollars and were pretty crafty already when it came to, say, lasers and vaults. And finally the directorial so-and-so cried tears of untightness and lo, they were bitter.

Pablo is pissed.


Pepper said...


overheard at the curator's office:

"Zee joke eez on dem: zose paintings vere made of chocolates!"

Pete said...

What else do you expect from a country that has sat out every confrontation in the 20th Century...