29 February 2008

Dear Teens, Tighten Up.

For the last three weeks I have had the plague ... not just sick - the plague- Nightquil has become integral part of my life.

So, imagine my surprise when I stopped into my local CVS to buy said nighttime sleeping elixir and am asked for my ID upon hitting the checkout.
Keep in mind - you have to be 18 to buy Nightquil. I did not have said ID ... I was in pajamas ... and I needed Nighquil.
After convincing the man behind the counter that I was indeed 26 years old, he hands me my receipt and 10 small notices advising me to prevent teen cough medicine abuse.
Kids, seriously? I grew up in the midwest and we found a way to get beer. You live in Washington. The mayor found a way to smoke crack. You can find a way to pick up a better habit that will not cause me to be carded buying over the counter medicine.
Make some older friends, get them to buy you Mickey's and stop guzzling Nightquil.


The Becca said...

CITY CVS strikes again! At least they gave it to you.

Teddy Ruxtable said...

If I wasn't on a Dymatrip, this post would make me really angry.

The Becca said...

PS, CVS brand? Really Brenda? How much more is real NyQuil?

Brenda Starr said...

They were OUT of normal nightquil.... probably because Teddy Ruxable stopped by before me.

Orville said...

NyQuil equals nightmares. Tylenol PM is Jesus