29 February 2008

Big cars, city streets.

Dear soccer moms who still think their cool enough to enter the dark realm of the city,
Fucking stop driving your enormous SUVs in cities if you can't drive them. If you barely get out of your driveway without running over Junior's bike with your ginormous whale of a Sports Utility Vehicle, then you probably should not be navigating narrow city streets and blocking traffic because you don't think you can fit. You can totally fit. The other escalade made it through that gap fine. It's you that suck, not your car. Fucking learn to drive or get out of my way.
blow me.


The Becca said...

Forgot to say tighten up.

Bodenner said...

"still think their cool enough"

"The other escalade"

"blow me."

tighten up that grammar, pete. i mean becca.

The Becca said...


Orville said...

Can we ammend this post to include frightened au pairs?