11 February 2008

South Lawn Project Revealed

The University of Virginia's prestigious and uberly expensive South Lawn Project has been stripped of its glitz and glamor, and the true nature has been revealed.
The project, in fact is a clever ploy to limit the number of students looking to enroll in the College of Arts and Sciences. Because of course-- those kids are the ones who can't get jobs. Construction began about a year ago, and for the most part, has only affected those students in the college. The Comm School kids got a brand new state of the fart building, and the E-School kids get to keep their buildings in a nice, quiet little row. But those College students are screwed. literally. We will keep Cabell Hall in all of its asbestos and BO smelling classrooms, just give us back a quiet day. And while the marble railway on the JPA side of the building is quite impressive, the handicapped people don't actually appreciate it. 1) how can they possibly get up those switchbacks that resemble the trek to Everest Base Camp and 2) Because it is the ONLY way to get up there, everyone else uses it too.
So really... planning commission. Tighten Up, Grow a Brain, quit building.

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Pepper said...

Bah! I hate this project! I've let my blood cool since my last diatribe (http://thetightenupreport.blogspot.com/2007/02/architectural-banality-at-uva-more.html)
but this gets me thinking again.

There's a webcam of the thing here:

Stu, you got any pictoors?