11 February 2008

Hillz is da bom!

OMG, peeps! You TOTES have to check out this new vid by the HRC camp! It's sooooooo TIGHT:

I wuz kinda leanin towards Barack, since Scarlett J is super hawt, but now I'm TOTES voting for my girl Hillary!!


Brenda Starr said...

Does she realize that if - in theory - kids go to college to be educated? Is she targeting the stoner / I don't bathe let alone register to vote crowd?
That ad makes me want to eat glass wrapped in fiber glass insulation.

mandy said...

Ditto, Brenda. I actually thought that video was a joke until the last 5 seconds. Aahh!

mollie said...
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mollie said...

oh, that's nothing; y'all don't know cool until you've seen this: