27 February 2008

festering looseness

I keep seeing loose signage, and I can't stand it anymore.

Here are a few instances from my daily sphere of operation:

  • A note on the bus about operation on "Martin Luther King Day Jr." I was wondering if that was a subsidiary or a competitor to the 7DayJr. (convenience store)
  • Another note on the bus about not bringing your "bike-cycle"
    • This to me seems like a modern marvel. A bicycle with cycling bicycles... perhaps?
  • A note on a door in a building :
"Don't use this door anymore

Until Further Notice "
      • untight
  • "Machine is Broke"
    • wow.
Crank it, sign poster.


Pepper said...

I want a bike-cycle!

Pepper said...

cuba gooding day jr. i just caught that.