22 February 2008

Freezing Fog: Meteorological Phenom or Scooby-Doo Villain?

I kept hearing on the radio this morning that there was going to be freezing fog today in New York. "What the hell is freezing fog," I thought, "...that sounds like a villain from episode #whatevs006457 of Scooby Doo." You know, like, somebody steals Mrs. Throckmorton's diamond brooch, and there are reports of seeing a silvery floating mist around the grounds of her estate. And then, in the end, the pesky kids catch the Frozen Fog, which is actually a drunk and vengeful groundskeeper dressed in a spraypainted burlap sack.

Welp, turns out to be a real thing, so I need to tighten. Thanks www.theweatherprediciton.com!


mandy said...

Good call with the vengeful groundskeeper being drunk. I think this was only alluded to in the series but a regular affliction of all Scooby Doo villains.

Minna said...

Spooky post, Pepper. I'm going to spend all day today fearing the unknown.

Pepper said...

I think it might turn people inside out or something!