08 February 2008

TUR Paradox Revealed Through Banjo Mishap

I broke a banjo string because I overtightened it. Does this mean I need to tighten up further, or what?

TUR Philosophical Advisory Board (TURPAB), any thoughts?


Jordan said...

nice shot of the google reader. are you getting my "shared items" feed? if not, tighten that up as well.

Bodenner said...

my head hurts.

Minna said...

Re: TUR Pradox Revealed Through Banjo Mishap
To: Pepper

It has been customary to characterize literal as the antonym of figurative as if the two are in dialectical opposition. But this view is not sustainable. Each semiotic niche within a culture will reach agreement about the usual or actual meaning of words in common use. This will not be fixed but will change over time. Hence, for example, the original definiti---ZZZzzzzzzzzzz