26 February 2008

The Oscars Post

You know what? I've been randomly Googling for like 15 minutes in the hopes of finding something interesting to say about last night's Academy Awards and frankly, I don't think it's gonna happen. You know that feeling when you're at a restaurant and you're pretty excited about ordering your dinner 'cause it sounds really great on the menu and then you get it and it's like, "Eh. It's ok." And then the waitress comes over and is all "How WAS EVERYTHING??" and you're like, "Yeah, great" but not really in the realm of the convincing? That's what the Oscars were like. Loved the French accents on display ("Sssank you life! Sssank you love!") and the little interchange between Jonah Hill and Seth Rogen. Hated the fact that Colin Farrell couldn't be fussed to wash his hair and that the opening sequence was snatched from an Intro to Animation midterm at Cal State Northridge mere minutes before the show. But as far as Big Moments go, it was like that ok dinner - maybe under-seasoned but who really cares, let's just get out of here. Except for Diablo Cody, who is tight.


Pepper said...

Seriously, I was ready to have Jonah Hill and Seth Rogen just take the mic and start the improv...

. said...

I emailed Pepper yesterday, telling him that the Oscars this year actually made me miss the heyday [emphasis on "day"] of Cuba Gooding Jr. ...at least he seemed happy to win an Oscar.

To me, it felt like a party where you show up late, and everyone else has done drugs. You try and have conversations with people and all you get are non-sequiturs. And even though you have no fun (maybe one or two laughs), you still stay the entire time because it's your friend's house, people you know are there, and frankly...you have nothing better to do.

Beyond the overall suckage...what was with Amy Adams basically having to be a PA? Why did they make her sing on a bare stage instead of just show the clip with her singing and dancing with roaches? Who allowed Kristen Chenoweth to totally oversing the second song? And why did they make Amy dance with some McDreamy stand-in?